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Commercial Litigation

Some measure of legal disputes may be inevitable in the course of doing business, but that fact does not make them any less disruptive. Legal disputes detract from essential financial and human resources that are diverted from their regular business function toward the resolution of the dispute. The attorneys at Brault Graham are devoted to the efficient, effective resolution of business disputes, so that companies and individuals can get back as soon as possible to their key roles in operating and expanding their business.

Below is a look at some of the most common types of matters dealt with by the lawyers at Brault Graham in Rockville.

Contract Disputes

At the heart of every business transaction lies a contract, whether it is oral or written, express or implied. Mistakes or differing interpretations over contract provisions and duties under the agreement frequently lead to disputes which require formal, legal intervention to resolve, whether through mediation and arbitration, or trials and appeals. Common reasons for the instigation of a contract dispute include:

  • Exceptions in rules or policies
  • Mistakes of fact or law
  • Contracts for illegal acts or purposes
  • Side agreements
  • Incompetence
  • Impossibility of performance
  • Duress
  • Fraud

Business Torts

Even where no contractual relationship exists, business disputes may still arise in the context of allegations of fraud, unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, or tortious interference with business obligations.

Other Common Business Disputes

  • Real Estate – title and boundary disputes, easements, restrictive covenants, specific performance
  • Construction – construction defects, mechanic’s liens, change orders, competitive bids
  • Employment – discrimination claims, wage & hour violations, severance packages
  • Corporate & Partnership Disputes – private investor relations, director and officer appointments and liability
  • Shareholder Derivative Suits

Sound Advice and Effective Advocacy in Maryland Business Legal Disputes

The attorneys at Brault Graham have a long history of working with limited liability corporations, partnerships & corporations across a wide range of business and industry. For sound, practical advice and efficient and effective resolution of business disputes in Maryland and the D.C. area, please contact us at 301-424-1060.