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High-Alert Medication Mistakes

Almost any medication can be dangerous if given to the wrong patient, or in the wrong quantity. That said, medical professionals have a name for a collection of pharmaceuticals that carry the greatest risk of harm when administered in an incorrect amount or manner—“high-alert medications.” The name serves as a reminder for doctors and nurses […]

Missed Medical Diagnosis: What You Need to Know

As a lay person, you count on your doctor to take care and attention when administering tests or a physical examination. You trust that they will take heed of symptoms of any conditions you have, so that you can begin treatment of any illnesses as early as possible. Unfortunately, a careless or negligent doctor could fail to […]

Risk of Serious Injury or Death from Infections Received in Hospitals

As a patient in a hospital, not only are you vulnerable as a result of the condition which sent you to the hospital initially, but you’re also at risk of contracting an infection from the hospital itself. Read on to learn about infections received from hospitals, and contact an attorney as soon as possible if […]

Failure to Properly Diagnose Patient Results in Substantial Award of Damages

Missed diagnosis is a serious and widespread form of medical malpractice.  Studies on the rate of misdiagnoses and the effects on patients show that misdiagnosis is more likely to negatively affect patients than some serious illnesses.  One study found that missed, late, or incorrect diagnoses occur in 10-20% of all cases.  Another report found that, of the 583 cases […]

Researchers Find Medical Malpractice the Third-Leading Cause of Death in US

We rely on doctors and nurses to dedicate their full attention and effort to providing us with care when we’re in the hospital. While we understand that medical malpractice occurs, the scope of the problem has largely eluded the view of the public or even medical professionals. Now, a newly-released study has shed light on the […]

New Study on Wrong-Patient Errors Offers Potential Solutions to Issue

In a busy hospital setting, the changing rotation of doctors and nurses and sheer number of patients make it critical that patient’s records are accurately entered and maintained, and that patients are identified correctly. Ensuring that the records match the patient, and that they have been accurately maintained, makes a critical difference in patient well-being, […]

Anesthesia Errors Can Have Grave Consequences

At no time are you more vulnerable as a patient than when you’re being put under general anesthesia for a surgical procedure. You are entirely dependent on the expertise and attention of both the anesthesiologist and surgeon, with no way to intercede on your own behalf while unconscious. While most of us understand that we […]

Brachial Plexus Injuries During Birth

Despite great advances in the field of obstetrics, each day thousands of infants are injured during childbirth. These injuries vary greatly in severity; while some result only in brief injuries for the newborn child, others can alter the path of that child’s life permanently. Brachial plexus injuries are one of the more common forms of […]

What is a “Never Event”?

When a patient is undergoing treatment for a medical condition or after an accident, certain adverse effects can be unavoidable. However, some medical mistakes are considered so egregious that experts state that such errors should never occur—thus giving them the name “never events.” Read on to learn more about the different types of never events […]